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Mapping Metaphor @ Glasgow Science Festival

Posted by Mapping Metaphor on the 27th of June 2014

The project recently participated in Science Sunday, a showcase of lots of different projects going on at the University of Glasgow, held as part of the Glasgow Science Festival. This was aimed at all ages, with lots of families there. We had around 200 visitors to our stall on the day so were kept busy!

We used lots of ways to convey the ideas behind conceptual metaphor and discuss what we are doing with the Mapping Metaphor project. These included a poster exhibition, worksheets for kids and adults, postcards showing how some words 'cross' from one area of meaning to another and demonstrations of a beta-version of our online 'Metaphor Map'. We also made a wooden version of the map which allowed our visitors to have a go at 'practical data visualisation' and make some of the links themselves. The photos below show the 3D wooden map at the start (when some of the team had tried it) and the number of metaphorical connections we had gathered from the public a bit later in the day!

START OF DAY:Mapping Metaphor 3D

LATER ON!:mm scisun