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Metaphor in the Curriculum

Posted by Mapping Metaphor on the 26th of May 2015

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As the Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus project draws to a close (and please watch out for the launch of our website in early July), we have set our sights on taking our research on metaphor and bringing it into education. We are very happy to have secured AHRC-funding for a follow-on project, Metaphor in the Curriculum, and members of the project will be working with schools and educational bodies in Scotland over the next year. The project draws on the detailed empirical research carried out for the Mapping Metaphor project and uses it to create resources for schools.

We aim to produce materials which help pupils to understand and use metaphor, with the help of our Metaphor Map, and which help teachers to provide training in metaphor as part of English classes in the senior phase of secondary school. Though metaphor might seem a fairly narrow area of the curriculum, our scope is broad and encompasses literature, journalism, non-fiction and creative writing. Our current focus is on engaging with teachers to find out what they would like from us and we will be meeting with teachers of English in Glasgow and Stirlingshire over the next month. By this time next year, we will have a range of educational resources available freely online, including an app and interactive quizzes as well as more traditional worksheets, etc. for use in the classroom. Though our resources will be developed with the Scottish curriculum in mind, they have the potential to be used anywhere and will be open to absolutely everyone.