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Online buzz (metaphorically speaking)

Posted by Mapping Metaphor on the 29th of July 2015

July has been a busy month for the Mapping Metaphor team, not least because we made the Metaphor Map of English freely-available to the public. We have had an absolutely amazing response from both academics and the wider public, and have had around 18,000 individual users (and counting!) from 144 different countries trying out the website this month. On this note, we thought we might round up some of the articles and social media buzz for your enjoyment. Please see below for a variety of links, from a Storify of some of the best tweets to the original press release:

Storify of some of the best tweets:

The Guardian:

Yossarian Lives:

Editorial in The Herald:

The Herald:

Sunday Herald:



The Paris Review:

History Extra: (Though please note the misleading headline! We know metaphors are more than 1300 years old but are only looking at the history of the English language which dates its earliest written sources to around 1300 years ago.)

Arts and Humanities Research Council:

University of Glasgow original press release: