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Mapping Metaphor at the West End Festival!

Posted by Wendy Anderson on the 8th of May 2013

The programme for this year’s West End Festival has now been published, and can be found online and in hard copy in the usual places around Glasgow.

The Mapping Metaphor project is delighted to be included in this year’s programme. We are giving a talk:


Saturday 15 June, 2pm

Room 1, 12 University Gardens

All the world’s a stage... and all the script’s a metaphor. Shakespeare is well known as a master of metaphor, but did you know that you are too? Come along and explore metaphor in everyday language with the ‘Mapping Metaphor’ project team. The session will illuminate this pervasive feature of language, throw some light on our project, and spark off a discussion of your own favourite metaphors.


We hope to see you there!