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Visualisation of links

Posted by Ellen Bramwell on the 24th of June 2013

By the end of the Mapping Metaphor with the Historical Thesaurus project we will have a web resource which allows the user to find pathways into our data. It will show a map of the conceptual metaphors of English over the last thousand years, showing links between each semantic area where we find evidence of metaphorical overlap. Unsurprisingly, given the visual and spatial metaphors which we are necessarily already using to describe our data and the analysis of it (e.g pathways and maps), this will be represented graphically as well as in more traditional forms.

Below is a very early (in the project) example of a visualisation of the semantic domains of ‘Light’ and ‘Darkness, absence of light’, showing their metaphorical links with other semantic areas in the Historical Thesaurus data. We produced this using the program Gephi, which allows links between nodes to be shown using different colours, thickness of lines, etc.

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