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Metaphor Strength:

External World (257 categories and 5257 metaphorical connections)
  • 1A The Earth (28 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1B Life (32 categories and 563 metaphorical connections)
  • 1C Health and Disease (4 categories and 115 metaphorical connections)
    • 1C01 Health (9 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Pertaining to health; In relation to health; Wish good health; Health and disease
    • 1C02 Ill-health (56 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Pertaining to ill-health/disease; Of the nature of ill-health; Ill-health; Be in ill-health; Affect/afflict; Cause to be ill; Insalubrious; In an insalubrious manner; Insalubrity; Pertaining to a sick person; Sick person; Pertaining to study of disease; In relation to study of disease; Study of disease; Pertaining to disease; A disease; Producing disease; Production of disease; Make diseased; Symptomatic; As/of a symptom; Symptom; Be a symptom of; Swollen/having swelling; Swelling; Swell; Pertaining to growth/excrescence; Growth/excrescence; Develop growth/excrescence; Pertaining to eruption; Eruption; Erupt; Erupt in spots, etc.; Suppurating; In a suppurating manner; Suppuration; Suppurate; Cause suppuration; Inflamed/Inflammatory; Inflammation; Become inflamed; Inflame; Pertaining to discharge; Discharge/flux; Discharge; Lame/crippled; Lameness/crippledness; Be lame/crippled; Eruptive; Eruptive diseases; Of nails: damaged; Disorders of nails; Pertaining to disorders of hair; Pertaining to disordered vision; Disordered vision; Disordered hearing; Having vertigo; Of the nature of vertigo; Vertigo; Have vertigo; Affect with vertigo; Pertaining to diseases of tissue; Affected by wasting disease; In the manner of wasting disease; Wasting disease; Have wasting disease; Affect with wasting disease; Disorders of bones; Pertaining to disorders affecting muscles; Disorders affecting muscles; Pertaining to disorders of cartilage; Disorders of cartilage; Pertaining to disorders of ligaments; Disorders of ligaments; Pertaining to disorders of joints; Disorders of joints; Disorders of internal organs; Pertaining to disorders of abdomen; Pertaining to disordered nutrition; Disordered nutrition; Disorders of mouth; Disorders of throat; Pertaining to disorders of stomach; Disorders of stomach; Cause stomach disorder; Disorders of bowels/intestines; Disordered secretion; Glandular disorders; Metabolic disorders; Pertaining to disorder of respiratory organs; Disorder of respiratory organs; Pertaining to reproductive organ disorders; Reproductive organ disorders; Disorders of pregnancy/birth; Pertaining to venereal disease; By/in the manner of venereal disease; Venereal disease; Have venereal disease; Infect with venereal disease; Pertaining to vascular disorders; Pertaining to disorders of heart; Disorders of heart; Pertaining to disorders of blood; Pertaining to disorders of nervous system; Disorders of nervous system; Pertaining to disordered sensation; Disordered sensation; Pertaining to stupor/coma; Stupor/coma; Pertaining to fever; In the manner of a fever; Fever; Have fever; Afflict with fever; Pertaining to plague/pestilence; Plague/pestilence; Cause plague/pestilence; Disorders caused by poisons; Poison; Parasitic disorders; Pertaining to congenital/hereditary syndromes; Congenital/hereditary syndromes; Other human disorders; Animal disease/disorder; Of an animal: be ill; Of cattle: become diseased; Cause injury/disease of horse; Pertaining to disorders of pigs; Disorders of pigs; Disorders of deer; Pertaining to disorders of dogs; Disorders of dogs; Disorders of cats; Pertaining to disorders of rodents; Disorders of rodents; Disorders of monkeys; Disorders of reptiles; Pertaining to disorders of fish; Disorders of fish; Disorders of mink/ferrets; Deformed; In a deformed manner; Deformity; Blemish; Injured; Injury; Injure; Maimed/mutilated; Maiming/mutilation; Be maimed/mutilated; Maim/mutilate; Suffering pain; Painfully; Exclamation of pain; Pain; Be painful; Cause pain; Suffer pain; Pain in specific parts; Types of pain; Deformities of specific parts; Deformity, blemish; Disorders of horses; Disorders of cattle; Disorders of cattle/horse/sheep; Bacterial/viral disorders; Convulsive/paralytic disorders; Disorders of circulatory system; Disorders of reproductive organs; Respiratory disorders, coughing; Disordered breathing; Disorders of digestive system; Disorders of bones, muscles, etc.; Ill-health in tissue/internal organs; Disorders of ear/hearing; Disorders of eye/vision; Skin disorders; Ill-health in external/visible body parts
    • 1C03 Mental health (42 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Sane; Sanely; Mental health/sanity; Be sane; Pertaining to mental illness; Mental illness; Be/become mad; Drive mad; Crazy; Mentally ill person; Mentally deficient; Mental deficiency; Be mentally deficient; Degree/type of madness
    • 1C04 Healing and treatment (8 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Healing/curing; In healing/curing manner; Healing/cure; Effect a cure; Heal/cure; Pertaining to recovery; Recovery; Recovering; Recover/be healed; Recover; Recover (health); Process of healing of an injury, etc; Of/pertaining to art/science of medicine; Of art/science of medicine; Art/science of medicine; Practising healing art; Practice of healing art; Practise the healing art; Medical training; Diagnosis/prognosis; Examination; Examine medically; Pertaining to radiography/radiology; By radiography/radiology; Radiography/radiology; Examine by radiography/radiology; Pertaining to scanning; By means of scanning; Scanning; Scan; Ultrasonography; Specific measuring/recording; Of specific measuring/recording; Medical treatment; Treat as a doctor; Administering drugs; Treatment by medicine/drug; Treat with drugs; Non-scientific treatments; Dispersing morbid matter; Treatments; Removing/dispersing matter; Remove/disperse; Pertaining to treatments using water; Treatments using water; Practise hydropathy; Treat hydropathically; Climatotherapeutic; Treatment by fresh air/sunlight etc; Treatment with mud/sand, etc.; Treatment by light; Treatment by electricity; Pertaining to treatment by radiation; Treatment by radiation; Heat treatment; Cooling; Cooling treatment; Cool; Pertaining to physiotherapy; Physiotherapy; Pertaining to hypodermic treatment; Hypodermic; Hypodermic treatments; Subjected to treatment by diet; Treatments by diet; Treat by prescribed diet; Surgical; Surgically; Surgery; Undergo surgical treatment; Cure as by surgery; Pertaining to removal by surgical means; Removal by surgical means; Remove by surgical means; Pertaining to incision; Incision; Make an incision; Make an incision in/cut; Pertaining to puncture; Puncture; Blood-letting; Let blood; Let blood of; Transfusion; Transfuse; Stopping haemorrhage; Stop haemorrhage; Cauterizing; Cauterize; Cannulation/tubage; Cannulate/intubate; Pertaining to a transplant/graft; Transplanting and grafting operations; Transplant/graft; Pertaining to prosthesis; Prosthesis; Immunoprophylactic; Immunoprophylaxis; Immunize; Pertaining to medical substances; In manner of medicine; Medicines/physic; Biological product; Hormones and substances with same effect; Used in medicine (of plants); Medicine composed of a plant; Mineral medicine; General chemical medicines; In manner of pill, etc.; Powder; Solution; Tincture; Extracts; Pertaining to decoctions/infusions; Decoction/infusion; Medicinal potion/draught; Syrup/linctus; Sloppy medicine; Lotion/bath; Ointments, etc.; Pertaining to gums and viscid products; Gums and viscid products; Drops; Cleansing/expelling; Cleansing/expelling medicines; Cause excretion of; Astringent/restringent; Astringently/restringently; Astringent/restringent preparations; Bind/constrict; Allaying inflammation; Preparations allaying inflammation; Raising blisters; Preparations for raising blisters; Counter-irritant preparations; Febrifuge/antipyretic; Parasiticidal; Remedies for parasitic infections; Affecting nutrition; Medicines used to affect nutrition; Antibiotic; Antibiotics; Antibacterial; Antiseptic; Antiseptically; Corrosive/caustic; Prophylactic medicine; Vaccinogenic; Antidotal; Antidote; Anti-histamine; Anti-histamine medicines; Analgesic; Sedatives, anti-spasmodics, etc.; Anaesthetic; Medicine for mental conditions; Accelerating parturition; Obstetric drug; Other miscellaneous medicines; Medicated; Impregnation of substances with medicaments; Medicate; Medical appliances/equipment; Equipment for treating wound/ulcer; Bandage; Ice-packs and water-bags; Suppository; In manner of suppository; Suppositories, etc.; Equipment for applying medicaments; Equipment for extracting matter; Obstetrical equipment; Equipment for radiation treatment; Surgical (of garments); Prosthetic; Prosthesis/spare part; Healer; Pertaining to physician; In the manner of a physician; Physician; Make into a physician; Like a surgeon; Surgeon; Pertaining to a midwife; In the manner of a midwife; One skilled in obstetrics/midwifery; Specialist; General practitioner; Health officer; Medical student; Paramedical; In the manner of an osteopath; Paramedic; Nurse; Pertaining to non-medical staff; Non-medical worker; Medical practice; Patient; Occupied by the sick; Place in hospital; Medical books; Pharmacy; Pharmaceutically; Apothecary/pharmacist; Pertaining to psychiatry; Psychiatrically; Psychiatry; Treat psychiatrically; Pertaining to ophthalmology/optometry; Of ophthalmology/optometrics; Ophthalmology/optometry; Pertaining to audiology/audiometry; Of audiology/audiometry; Audiology/audiometry; Pertaining to dentistry; Dentistry; Veterinary; Veterinary medicine and surgery; Places for the sick/injured; Alternative practitioner; Surgical instruments; Preparations for treating specific parts; Preparations treating/preventing specific ailments; Anaesthetization/pain-killing; Specific measuring/recording for purpose of diagnosis
  • 1D People (8 categories and 81 metaphorical connections)
  • 1E Animals (20 categories and 410 metaphorical connections)
  • 1F Plants (7 categories and 153 metaphorical connections)
  • 1G Food and Drink (4 categories and 205 metaphorical connections)
  • 1H Textiles and Clothing (2 categories and 106 metaphorical connections)
  • 1I Physical Sensation (15 categories and 385 metaphorical connections)
  • 1J Matter (38 categories and 769 metaphorical connections)
  • 1K Existence and Causation (6 categories and 135 metaphorical connections)
  • 1L Space (7 categories and 527 metaphorical connections)
  • 1M Time (10 categories and 120 metaphorical connections)
  • 1N Movement (10 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1O Action (23 categories and 461 metaphorical connections)
  • 1P Relative Properties (37 categories and 402 metaphorical connections)
  • 1Q The Supernatural (6 categories and 99 metaphorical connections)