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Metaphor Strength:

External World (257 categories and 5257 metaphorical connections)
  • 1A The Earth (28 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1B Life (32 categories and 563 metaphorical connections)
  • 1C Health and Disease (4 categories and 115 metaphorical connections)
  • 1D People (8 categories and 81 metaphorical connections)
    • 1D01 Humankind (7 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Human; Humanly; People; Be human; Science of mankind; Anthropinism; People collectively/indefinitely
    • 1D02 Person (6 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Person
    • 1D03 Male person (14 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Man
    • 1D04 Female person (8 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Woman; Be/become woman; Make woman
    • 1D05 Baby and young person (21 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Young person; Young and inexperienced; Young person; Become adolescent; Make young person; Youth/young man; Young woman; Young as a child; Child; Boy; Girl; Baby/infant
    • 1D06 Adult and middle-aged person (2 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Adult/mature; Adult; Distinguish adults; Be adult; Make adult; Middle aged; Middle aged person
    • 1D07 Old person (6 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Characteristic of old person; In manner of old person; Old person; Old man; Old woman
    • 1D08 Races and nations (17 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors People; Race; Ethnoscience; Arctic race; Oceanic race; Nomadic; Nomads; Mythical races; Person of mythical races; Master race; Other specific races; Division by physical peculiarities; Division by types of hair/skin; Person by shape of eyes/forehead; ; Person of small-sized race; White person; Non-white person; Brown person; Black; Black person; Non-black; Non-black person; Mongol; Malay; Amerindian; Semitic; Semite; Gentile; Aryan; Other racial types; One who passes as one of another race; Pass as one of another race; Unmixed race; Mixed race; Germanic people; Ethnically English; Ethnically English people; Celtic people; Ancient Pict; Ancient people of Spain; Basque; Walloon; Ancient people central/east Europe; Ancient people Italy; Ancient people Sicily; Ancient people Greece/Aegean; Latin/Romance people; Slav people; Slav; Russian peoples; Baltic peoples; Ural-Altaic; Lapp; Lapps; Peoples of Caucasus; Mongol people of Caspian; Peoples of north/central U.S.S.R.; Peoples of Albania; Turkic; Turkic (speaking) peoples; Iranian; Peoples of Afghanistan/Turkestan; Peoples of Arabia; other ancient peoples; Peoples of the sea; Ancient peoples of Asia; Mongol peoples Central Asia; Indian; Peoples of Ceylon; Peoples of Burma; ; Chinese peoples; Mongol peoples S.E. Asia; Aboriginal peoples Vietnam; Caucasoid people of Japan; Malaysian/Indonesian; Peoples of Philippines; Peoples of Borneo and Sarawak; Polynesian/Melanesian/Micronesian; Peoples of Papua/New Guinea; People of Marquesas; Ancient people of Easter Island; New Zealand/Australian Aboriginal; Maori; Ancient people of N.Z.; Australian aboriginal; Primitive Australian; Peoples of North Africa; Hamitic; Hamite/Nilo-Hamite; Peoples of Ethiopia; Peoples of Sudan; Ancient people of East Africa; Peoples of Zaire; Peoples of Madagascar; Peoples of West Africa; Peoples of South East; Plains Indian; Peoples of Great Basin and Plateau; Peoples of Central and South California; Peoples of North California/South Washington; Peoples of British Columbia/Alberta/Alaska; Peoples of N.E. Canada; Peoples of Arctic; Indian of Central/South America; Nation/nations; National of a country; Compatriot; Compatriots; Native; Native people; Be native; Native/inhabitant of type of state; Native/inhabitant of Europe; Europeanize; British; British nation; English; English nation; Welsh; Welsh nation; Scots; Scottish nation; Scots; Native/inhabitant Borders; Irish; The Irish; Scandinavian; The ; Scandinavians; Native/inhabitant Iceland; Faroese; Native/inhabitant Faroe Islands; German; Native/inhabitant Germany; Native/inhabitant Austria; Swiss; The Swiss; Czech; Native/inhabitant Bohemia/former Czechoslovakia; Romanian; Native/inhabitant Romania; Croatian; Native/inhabitant Croatia; Hungarian; Native/inhabitant Hungary; Native/inhabitant Moravia; Polish; Native/inhabitant Poland; Polish; Yugoslavian; Native/inhabitant former Yugoslavia; Serbian; Native/inhabitant Serbia; Bulgarian; Native/inhabitant Bulgaria; Other eastern provinces; Native/inhabitant other eastern provinces; Greek; The Greeks; Albanian; Native/inhabitant Albania; Native/inhabitant Roumelia; French; French nation; Luxembourg; Native/inhabitant Luxembourg; Italian; The Italians; Malta; Native/inhabitant Malta; Spanish; The Spanish; Portuguese; Native/inhabitant Portugal; Native/inhabitant Ancient/mediaeval Europe; Ancient Greeks and neighbours; Ancient Roman; Roman; States/regions Italy; Native/inhabitant states/regions Italy; Gauls; The Gauls; Iberia; Native/inhabitant Iberia; Mediaeval states; Native/inhabitant mediaeval states; Other inhabitants ancient Europe; Native/inhabitant Near/Middle East/Asia Minor; Turkish; Native/inhabitant Turkey; Native/inhabitant Cyprus; Native/inhabitant Levant; Levant; Lebanese; Native/inhabitant Lebanon; Israeli/Palestine; Native/inhabitant Israel/Palestine; Syrian; The Syrians; Native/inhabitant Jordan; Arabian/Saudi Arabian; Native/inhabitant Arabia/Saudi Arabia; Iran/Iraq/Gulf; Native/inhabitant Iran/Iraq/Gulf; Native/inhabitant other regions; Ancient states/cities; Native/inhabitant ancient cities states; Asian; Native/inhabitant Asia; Russian/former U.S.S.R.; Native/inhabitant Russia/former U.S.S.R.; Native/inhabitant Russia; Indian; The Indians; Sri Lanka; Native/inhabitant Sri Lanka; Pakistani; Native/inhabitant Pakistan; Native/inhabitant Bangladesh; Nepal/Tibet; Native/inhabitant Nepal/Tibet; Burmese/Siamese/Thai; Native/inhabitant Burma/Thailand; Chinese; The Chinese; Indo-Chinese; Korean; Japanese; Native/inhabitant Japan; Native/inhabitant Malaysia; Native/inhabitant Indonesia; Philippines; Native/inhabitant Philippines; Papua/New Guinea; Native/inhabitant Papua/New Guinea; Pacific Islands; Native/inhabitant Pacific Islands; Native/inhabitant Antipodes; Australian; Native/inhabitant Australia; Native/inhabitant New Zealand; African; Native(s)/inhabitant(s) Africa; N. African; Native/inhabitant N. Africa; Egyptian; Native/inhabitant Egypt; Sudan/Nile; Native/inhabitant Sudan/Nile; Ethiopia/Abyssinia; Native/inhabitant Ethiopia/Abyssinia; Algerian; Native/inhabitant Algeria; Libyan; Native/inhabitant Libya; Native/inhabitant Morocco; Native/inhabitant Barbary; Other regions; Native/inhabitant other regions; Native/inhabitant W. Africa; S. Atlantic Islands; Native/inhabitant S. Atlantic Islands; Greenland; Native/inhabitant Greenland; American; Native/inhabitant America; N. American; Native/inhabitant N. America; U.S.A.; Native/inhabitant U.S.A.; Canadian; Native/inhabitant Canada; Native/inhabitant Aleutian Islands; Native/inhabitant Latin America; Native/inhabitant Central America; Native/inhabitant W. Indies; S. American; Native/inhabitant S. America; Native/inhabitant of S. America; Native/inhabitant of W. Indies; Native/inhabitant of Central America; Native/inhabitant of Canada; Native/inhabitant of U.S.A.; Native/inhabitant of N. America generally; Native/inhabitant of America; Native/inhabitant of W. Africa; Native/inhabitant of Southern Africa; Native/inhabitant of E. Africa; Native/inhabitant of N. Africa; Native/inhabitant of Africa; Native/inhabitant of Antipodes; Native/inhabitant of Russia/former U.S.S.R.; Native/inhabitant of Asia; Native/inhabitant of Near/Middle East/Asia Minor; Native/inhabitant of ancient/medieval Europe; Native/inhabitant of Portugal; Native/inhabitant of Germany; The Scandinavians; Native/inhabitant of specific region; North American peoples; Peoples of Africa; Celtic people, Pict
  • 1E Animals (20 categories and 410 metaphorical connections)
  • 1F Plants (7 categories and 153 metaphorical connections)
  • 1G Food and Drink (4 categories and 205 metaphorical connections)
  • 1H Textiles and Clothing (2 categories and 106 metaphorical connections)
  • 1I Physical Sensation (15 categories and 385 metaphorical connections)
  • 1J Matter (38 categories and 769 metaphorical connections)
  • 1K Existence and Causation (6 categories and 135 metaphorical connections)
  • 1L Space (7 categories and 527 metaphorical connections)
  • 1M Time (10 categories and 120 metaphorical connections)
  • 1N Movement (10 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1O Action (23 categories and 461 metaphorical connections)
  • 1P Relative Properties (37 categories and 402 metaphorical connections)
  • 1Q The Supernatural (6 categories and 99 metaphorical connections)