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Metaphor Strength:

External World (257 categories and 5257 metaphorical connections)
  • 1A The Earth (28 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1B Life (32 categories and 563 metaphorical connections)
  • 1C Health and Disease (4 categories and 115 metaphorical connections)
  • 1D People (8 categories and 81 metaphorical connections)
  • 1E Animals (20 categories and 410 metaphorical connections)
  • 1F Plants (7 categories and 153 metaphorical connections)
    • 1F01 Plants (97 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Resembling/pertaining to plants; In the manner of a plant; Plants; Of/pertaining to vegetation; Plants collectively/vegetation; Uncultivated condition; Be wild; Be wild/propagate itself; Of/pertaining to food plant/vegetable; In respect of vegetables; Food plant/vegetable; Edible product/fruit; Inhabit/colonize; In a ripening manner; Growing/that grows; Growing; Grow/vegetate; Fail to grow; Wither; Cause to wither; Herbaceous; Herb/herbaceous plant; Pertaining to/of the nature of trees; Tree/woody plant; Bring fruit to maturity; Decay; Of/pertaining to woods; In/in the manner of a wood; Wood/assemblage of trees/shrubs; With parts of particular shape; Form of plant/that has parts of particular shape; Give stature to plant; Plant defined by colour/marking; Become marked; In a powdery manner; Cover with powder; Part of plant; Give particular form to plant part; Protuberance/lump; Form a lump; Ribbed/having channel(s); Ridge channel; Provide with ridge; Relating to growth/movement/curvature; Growth/movement/curvature of parts; Of/belonging to/like stem; Stem/stalk; Shoot/sprout/branch; Pertaining to/like a bud; Bud; Bud into/cause to bud; Root; Produce root nodules on; Of/pertaining to a bulb; Bulb; Of/pertaining to/of the nature of leaves; Leaf; Bearing leaves/foliage; Bract/scale/palea/spathe; Pertaining to a petiole; Petiole/leaf-stalk; Thorny/prickly; Thorn/prickle; Hair/bristle; In the manner of a gland; Having reproductive parts/reproductive; Reproductive part(s); Of flower/part containing reproductive organs; Flower/part containing reproductive organs; Inflorescence/collective flower/flower-head; Of/pertaining to flower/flowering plant; In a flowery manner; Flower/flowering plant; Pertaining to/resembling/consisting of fruit; Produced without fertilization; Fruit/reproductive product; Nut; Plant that bears fruit; Of/pertaining to seed; Seed; Of/having seed-vessels; Seed-vessel/pericarp; Having seeds; Plant having seed; Of/having spores; Spore/sporule; Of cryptogam/cryptogamic reproduction; Cryptogam/plant having spores; Of/having cells/vessels/tissue; In the manner of cells/vessels and tissue; Become cells/tissue; Of plants characterized by cells; Of the nature of wood; Wood; Be diseased/injured/discoloured; Affect with disease/atmospheric conditions; Variety/species; Produce varieties/mutations; Disease of/injury to plants; Wood, other part of tree/woody plant; Cell/aggregate tissue; Reproductive product - fruit, nut; Plant substances; Appearance of plant; Defined by nutrition/respiration, etc.; Plants defined by habit; Plants defined by poor growth; Plants defined by good growth; Plants defined by growth/development; Plants defined by age/cycles; Plants defined by habitat/distribution; Valued plants and weeds; Wild/cultivated plants
    • 1F02 Flowers and grasses (4 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Unidentified/variously identified plants; Biblical/mythical/plants of antiquity; Names applied to various plants; Of/belonging to/resembling chickweed and allies; Of/pertaining to fig-marigold family; Mesembriaccae (fig-marigold and allies); Of/pertaining to Chenopodiaceae; Of/pertaining to amaranth; Amaranthaceae (amaranth and allies); Of/pertaining to Portulaceae; Portulaceae; Phytolaccaceae (poke-weed and allies); Of/pertaining to Piperaceae; Piperaceae (pepper family); Of/belonging to the Ranunculaceae; Of/pertaining to the Berberidaceae; Berberidaceae/lion's leaf; Of/pertaining to the Papaveraceae; Papaveraceae (fumitory and allies); Of/pertaining to crucifers; Cruciferae (crucifers); Resedaceous plants (weldworts); Of the Capparidaceae; Capparidaceae family (false mustard); Droseraceae (sundew and allies); Of saxifrage and allies; Saxifrage and allies; Of the Rosaceae/cinquefoils; Rosaceous plants; Of/pertaining to the leguminous plants; Leguminous plants; Oxalidaceae (wood-sorrel and allies); Of the Euphorbiaceae (spurges); Euphorbiaceae (spurges and allies); Of/pertaining to Polygalaceae; Polygalaceae (milkwort and allies); Of/pertaining to the Malvaceae (mallows); Malvaceae (mallows and allies); Of/pertaining to the Sterculiaceae; Guttiferae (St. John's wort and allies); Of/pertaining to/resembling the Violaceae; Violaceae; Loasaceae (Chile nettle and allies); Of/belonging to the Onagraceae; Onagraceae (willow-herbs); Lythraceae (lythrum and allies); Of/pertaining to/belonging to Xanthoxylaceae; Xanthoxylaceae/Aurantiaceae (dittany and allies); Of/belonging to/resembling umbellifers; Of/belonging to the Araliaceae; Araliaceae family/plants; Asclepiadaceae (milk-weed and allies); Of/belonging to Apocynaceae; Apocynaceae (Mandevilla); Loganiaceae (Strychnos and allies); Of/belonging to the Ericaceae; Ericaceae (wintergreen and allies); Of/pertaining to the Proteaceae; Proteaceae family/plant; Of/belonging to the Primulaceae; Primulaceae family/plants; Of/pertaining to the gentians; Gentianaceae (gentians); Of/pertaining to Rubiaceae; Rubiaceae/Galiaceae (bedstraw etc.); Boraginaceae (bugloss and allies); Of/pertaining to the Verbenaceae; Verbenaceae family/plants; Labiate; Labiate plant/plants; Pertaining to/full of nettles; Urticaceae (nettle and allies); Polygonaceae (dock and allies); Plumbaginaceae (leadwort and allies); Of/belonging to the Solanaceae; Solanaceae (nightshade and allies); Of/pertaining to Scrophulariaceae; Of/pertaining to the Acanthaceae; Acanthaceae (acanthus); Of/pertaining to the Gesneraceae; Gesneriaceae/Gesneria plant; Plantaginaceae; Of/belonging to the Valerianaceae; Valerianaceae (valerian and allies); Dipsacaceae (teasel and allies); Of/belonging to the Caprifoliaceae; Caprifoliaceae family/plant; Of/pertaining to Compositae and sub-groups; Compositae (composite plants); Of/belonging to the Lobeliaceae; Lobeliaceae; Of/belonging to the Zygophyllaceae; Of/belonging to the Santalaceae; Santalaceae; Of Liliaceae and members; Liliaceae family/plants; Of/pertaining to araceous plants; Araceae (wake-robin and allies); Of/belonging to Orchidaceae; Orchidaceae family/members; Restiaceae family/plant; Of/belonging to the Magnoliaceae; Magnoliaceae; Of/pertaining to Amaryllidaceae; Amaryllidaceae/plant belonging to; Commelinaceae/member of; Of/pertaining to Zingiberaceae; Zingiberaceae; Of/pertaining to the Typhaceae; Of/belonging to the Loranthaceae; Loranthaceae family/member; Of/belonging to the Iridaceae; Of/belonging to family Menispermaceae; Menispermaceae (moonseed); Of/belonging/allied to the Papayaceae; Papayaceae family/plant; Of/belonging to Oleaceae; Oleaceae family/plant; Of/pertaining to the Artocarpaceae; Artocarpaceae family/plant; Stylidiaceae (stylewort and allies); Of/pertaining to Musaceae; Musaceae; Family Polemoniaceae; Of/belonging to the Melastomaceae; Melastomaceae family/plant; Of/pertaining to the Malpighiaceae; Of/belonging to the Campanulaceae; Taccaceae/plant of; Triuridaceae (tail-worts); Of/pertaining to the Bromeliaceae; Bromeliaceae/member of; Of/belonging to Xyridaceae; Xyridaceae family/member; Saururaceae (lizard's tail); Of/pertaining to the grasses; A grass/grasses; Of/pertaining to aquatic grasses; Of/belonging to particular climbing plants; Of/pertaining to non-British climbing plants; Of/pertaining to insectivorous plants; Of/pertaining to particular fossil plants/parts; Particular fossil plants; Other plants/herbs/shrubs; Particular plants/herbs/shrubs
    • 1F03 Trees and shrubs (4 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Unidentified/variously identified; Names applied to various species of trees/shrubs; Of/pertaining to ash; Ash and allies; Of/consisting of bay/laurel and allies; Bay-tree and allies; Of/pertaining to beech; Beech/beeches; Of/pertaining to birch/alder; Birch and allies; Of box-tree/shrub; Box-tree/shrub; Cornus (dogwood and allies); Of/pertaining to Daphne group; Daphnes; Of/pertaining to elder; Elder; Of/pertaining to having elms; Elms; Hazel; Hibiscus/mallow trees/shrubs and allies; Horse-chestnut tree and allies; Laburnum; Maples; Of/like myrtles; Myrtles; Of/pertaining to oak and allies; Of plane-trees; Plane-trees; Of poplars and allies; Poplars and allies; Prunus trees/shrubs; Of spurge trees/shrubs; Spurges and allies; Of/pertaining to sumacs; Sumachs; Vitex trees/shrubs; Whitebeam; Of/pertaining to willows and allies; Of/pertaining to conifers/firs; Conifers; Of cedar and allies; Cedar and allies; Of/belonging to cypress tribe; Cypresses; Of/pertaining to/abounding in junipers; Junipers; Of/pertaining to the larch; Larch and allies; Sequoias; Of/like yew and allies; Yew trees; Of/pertaining to non-British trees/shrubs; Of palm trees; Of/pertaining to acacia trees; Acacia trees; Of/pertaining to Australasian trees/shrubs; Of/pertaining to Asian trees/shrubs; Of South American/West Indian trees/shrubs; Of/pertaining to North American trees/shrubs; Of/pertaining to African trees/shrubs; Other non-British trees/shrubs; Of/pertaining to particular berry-bushes; Of/pertaining to briers/wild rose-bushes; Brier/wild rose-bush; Of fossil tree; Fossil tree/shrub; Other trees/shrubs; Of unspecified/unidentified type; Birthwort; Of/covered with broom; Broom and allies; Butcher's broom; Of/like heather/heath; Heather/heath and similar plants; Myrica and allies; Spiraea shrubs; Stock-gillyflower and allies; Viburnums/guelder rose and allies; Of/pertaining to non-British shrubs; Other shrubs; Particular tree/shrub
    • 1F04 Cacti, ferns, moss and algae (9 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Of/resembling a cactus; Cactus and allies; Of/pertaining to ferns; Cover with fern; Of/resembling moss; Moss; Become mossy; Cover with moss; Of/pertaining to/like fungi; Discharge spores; Of/resembling a lichen; Lichen; Cover with lichens; Of the nature of algae; Algae; Of/characteristic of seaweed; Seaweed; Algae, seaweed
    • 1F05 Cultivated plants (38 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Bear/form apples or other fruit; Of/pertaining to particular edible nuts; Of/pertaining to pulse; Of/pertaining to cereal/corn/grain; Cereal/corn/grain; Of/pertaining to plants yielding condiments/flavourings; Yielding refreshing/nourishing drink; Tea-plant; Of/pertaining to coffee plants; Of/pertaining to non-British medicinal plants; Of/pertaining to medicinal trees/shrubs; Of/pertaining to plants producing masticatory products; Of/pertaining to medicinal/culinary plants; Of/pertaining to timber trees; Of trees/plants yielding useful gum/resin; Of/pertaining to rubber plants; Rubber trees/plants; Of/pertaining to plant/nut yielding oil; Plants yielding other vegetable materials; Of/pertaining to dye-plants; Of/pertaining to fruit/seeds etc. used in dyeing; Of/pertaining to plants yielding poison; Plants yielding insecticide/used to repel insects; Of particular foliage/house/garden plants; Of/pertaining to ornamental trees/shrubs; Of cultivated/ornamental vines; Of plants having a sacred function; Plants having a sacred function; Cultivated/ornamental trees/shrubs; Particular cultivated/ornamental plants; Fragrant plants/plants used in perfumery; Plants used in dyeing; Plant/nut/bean yielding oil; Particular tree/plant yielding useful gum/resin; Yielding fibre/thatching/basket material; Particular timber trees/shrubs; Yielding drug/narcotic; Particular medicinal/food plants/parts; Particular fodder plants; Yielding condiments/used in food preparation; Pulses/plants producing pulses; Particular vegetables; Edible pods/seeds/leaves/flowers; Edible nuts/nut-trees; Particular fruit-tree/-plant; Particular food plant/product
    • 1F06 Weeds (1 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Of grasses considered weeds; Of poisonous/harmful plants; Of poisonous/harmful trees; Poisonous bush/tree; Of harmful/parasitic fungi; Plants perceived as weeds/harmful plants
    • 1F07 Botany (0 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Botanical; In relation to botany; Botany; Practise botany; Explore/examine botanically; Plants perceived as weeds/harmful plants
  • 1G Food and Drink (4 categories and 205 metaphorical connections)
  • 1H Textiles and Clothing (2 categories and 106 metaphorical connections)
  • 1I Physical Sensation (15 categories and 385 metaphorical connections)
  • 1J Matter (38 categories and 769 metaphorical connections)
  • 1K Existence and Causation (6 categories and 135 metaphorical connections)
  • 1L Space (7 categories and 527 metaphorical connections)
  • 1M Time (10 categories and 120 metaphorical connections)
  • 1N Movement (10 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1O Action (23 categories and 461 metaphorical connections)
  • 1P Relative Properties (37 categories and 402 metaphorical connections)
  • 1Q The Supernatural (6 categories and 99 metaphorical connections)