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Metaphor Strength:

External World (257 categories and 5257 metaphorical connections)
  • 1A The Earth (28 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1B Life (32 categories and 563 metaphorical connections)
  • 1C Health and Disease (4 categories and 115 metaphorical connections)
  • 1D People (8 categories and 81 metaphorical connections)
  • 1E Animals (20 categories and 410 metaphorical connections)
  • 1F Plants (7 categories and 153 metaphorical connections)
  • 1G Food and Drink (4 categories and 205 metaphorical connections)
    • 1G01 Food and eating (116 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Food; Be food for; Diet; Animals for food; Part/joint of animal; Cut/piece of meat; Beef; Mutton; Pork; Game; Fowls; Seafood; Dairy produce; Butter; Cheese; Egg; Eggs; Fruit and vegetables; Fruit/a fruit; Citric; Citrus fruit; Berry; Apple; Pear; Fig; Banana; Gourd; Pineapple; Other fruits; Dried fruit; Nut; Consisting of vegetables; Vegetables; Root vegetable; Cabbage/kale; Onion/leek/garlic; Seaweed; Pulse; Herb; Other culinary vegetables; Corn/cereal/grain; Corn/cereals/grain; Bran; Meal; Flour; Additive; Salt; Collect salt crust during evaporation; Sugar; Sweetener; Syrup; Honey; Chocolate as sweetener; Of nature of spice; Spice; Spicy; Acid/tart flavouring; Other flavourings; Colouring agents; Colour; Garnish; Sauce/dressing; Relish; Gravy; Stuffing; Substances for food preparation; Ornamental/ornamented dish; Hors d'oeuvres dishes; Dish of many ingredients; Soup/pottage; Resembling gruel; Gruel/broth for invalids; Porridges; Puddings; Jelly; Sausage; Rissoles/balls/croquettes; Game dishes; Fowl dishes; Fish dishes; Food prepared from nuts; Made with flour; Food made with flour; Pasta; Noodle; Bread; Loaf; Piece of bread; Crispbread/rusk; Toast; Bread dish; Pancake/tortilla/oatcake; Cake; Bun; Biscuit; Pastry; Tart; Pasty; Pie; Sweet/rich pastries; Other pastry articles; Milk and cream dishes; Confection/sweetmeat; Confections/sweetmeats; Sweets; Ices; Preserved with sugar; Preserve; Other prepared foods/dishes; Animal food; Plant food; Provisions; Supply of food/provisions; Rations; Gift/offering of food; Meal; Meal-time; Course; Feast; Pertaining to picnic/packed meal; Picnic/packed meal; Picnic; On/off menu; Menu; Providing food/nourishing; Providing/receiving food; Feed/nourish; Supply with food; Feed/nourish; Feeding animals; Feed animals; Pertaining to grinding; Milling/grinding; Grind corn; Sugar manufacture; Salt manufacture; Preparation for table/cooking; Prepare food; Perform general preparation processes; Dress animals for food; Preparation of bread; Preparing pastry/biscuits/cake; Prepared as confection; Preparing confectionery; Prepare confection; Seasoned; Seasoning; Season; Sweetening; Become sweet; Sweeten; Garnishing; Garnish; Stuffed; Stuffing; Stuff; With vitamins/nutrients added; Adding vitamins/nutrients; Add vitamins/nutrients; Pickled/preserved; Preserving/pickling; Be pickled/preserved; Pickle/preserved; Pertaining to cookery; Cooking; Undergo cooking; Cook; Service in kitchen; Serve in kitchen; Food taster/tester; Taste/test food; Equipment for food preparation; Cooking vessel/pot; Cooker; Stove/cooker; Kitchen; Cooking establishment/kitchen; Cookery-book; Good food guide; Container for food; Place for storing food; Store food; Being served; Serving food; Serve food; Order for food; Removal of dishes; Remove dishes; Set (of table); Setting table; Set table; Used at table; Table utensils; Consumption of food/drink; Consume; Pertaining to eating; While eating; Eating; Eat; Pertaining to gastronomy; Gastronomy; Be epicure; Feasting; Feast; Feast on; Eating meals; Eat meal; Following specific diet; Follow specific diet; Feeding by animals; Feeding/grazing; Eating by animals; Feed (of animals); Feed on/forage for (of animals); Eating place; Keeper of eating-house; Pertaining to appetite; With an appetite; Appetite; Appetite is excited; Have (good) appetite; Pertaining to/characteristic of hunger; Hungrily; Hunger; Be hungry; Make hungry; Hunger for; Eating/drinking to excess; Excessive consumption of food/drink; Eat/drink to excess; In satisfying manner; Satisfying hunger/thirst; Become satisfied (with food/drink); Satisfy/relieve hunger/thirst; Moderate in eating/drinking; Moderation in eating/drinking; Fasting; Fast; Without appetite; Absence of appetite; Have no appetite; Disgust/revulsion for food/drink; Feel disgust/revulsion for food/drink; Container for food, place for storing food; Preparation of dairy produce; Preparation of grain; Food manufacture and preparation; Amounts of food; Egg dishes; Grain dishes; Prepared vegetables and dishes; Prepared fruit and dishes; Meat dishes; Food by way of preparation; Dishes and prepared food; Sweetener (syrup/honey/chocolate); Fungi; Fruits as vegetables; Leaf vegetables; Stalk vegetables; Fruit containing stone; Fat/oil; Preserved meat; Consistency of food; Qualities of food;
    • 1G02 Drinks and drinking (20 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Pertaining to drink; Drinkably; Beverage; Pertaining to/consisting of intoxicating liquor; With alcohol; Intoxicating liquor; Pertaining to wine; Wine; Class/grade of wine; Italian wines; Spanish wines; Drinks made with wine; Vermouths/aperitifs; Non-grape and home-made wines; Ale/beer; Pertaining to beer; Beer; Pertaining to ale; Ale; Mixed drinks of ale/beer; Pertaining to cider; Cider; Pertaining to mead; Mead; In manner of distilled drink; Distilled drink; Whisky; Pertaining to brandy; Brandy; Gin; Pertaining to rum; Rum; Vodka; Liqueur; Cordial; Pertaining to cocktails; Cocktail; Water; Aerated/carbonated drink; Fruit juice/squash; Decoction; Tea; Infused leaves/flowers/fruit; Pertaining to coffee; Coffee; Cocoa; Milk drinks; Other drinks; Mixers/flavourings; Pertaining to wine-making; Wine-making; Make wine; Malting; Malt; Make liquor with malt; Brewing; Brew; Brew beer; Distil; Prepare drink; Provide/serve (with) drink; Supplying with water; Supply with water; Containers for drink; Drinking vessel; Drinking; Drinking salutations; Drink; Thirsty; Thirst; Be thirsty; Drinking to excess; Excess in drinking; Drunk; Drink to excess; Moderate in drinking; Moderation in drinking; Abstention from drinking; Drinking place; Providing/serving drink; Preparation of drinks; Coffee manufacture; Tea manufacture; Distilling; Manufacture of alcoholic drink; Food
    • 1G03 Farming (59 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Pertaining to farming; Farming; Farm; Engaged in farming; Way of life; Farmer; Farmstead; In front of; Farmland; Cultivable; Under cultivation; Land suitable for cultivation; Land raising crops; Grassland; Produce grass; Management of pasture; Use as pasture; Pertaining to tenured land; Cultivation; Cultivation/tillage; Cultivate/till; Reclamation; Reclaim; Preparation of land/soil; Prepare land/soil; Fertilizing/manuring; Fertilize/manure; Irrigation; Irrigably; Irrigate; Ditching/drainage; Ditch; Break up land; Ploughing; Plough (of person); Plough (land); Sowing; Sow; Sow seed; Planting; Plant/replant; Plant plants; Planting of specific plant/crop; Plant with specific plant/crop; Cultivation of plants/crops; Grow crops; Cultivate plants/crops; Cultivate specific crop; Cultivation of fruit; Cultivate fruit; Growing vines; Viticulture; Crop/crops; Harvest; Harvesting; Harvest (a crop); Picking/gathering; Pick/gather; Tools and implements; Ploughing equipment; Harrowing equipment; Pertaining to gardening; Gardening; Garden; Gardener; Division/part of garden; Management of plants; Propagation of plants; Propagate; Hotbed; Hothouse; Hedging; Make/repair hedge; Forestry/arboriculture; Forestry; Lumbering; Lumber; Animal husbandry; Rear animals; Pertaining to cattle-keeping; Keeping of cattle; Keep cattle; Dairy farming; Dairy farm; Sheep-farming; Rear sheep; Rear sheep/wool; Sheep-shearing; Shear sheep; Keeping of pigs; Keeping/management of horses; Shoeing of horses; Shoe; Horse-gear; Keeping birds; Poultry-keeping; Rear poultry; Kept by gamekeeper; Gamekeeping; Keep as gamekeeper; Fish-farming/-breeding; Fish-keeping/-farming/-breeding; Bee-keeping; Zoo; Keeping dogs/cats; Animal enclosure/house general; Herding/pasturing/confining; Equipment and buildings; Storage/preservation of crops; Production of food, farming;
    • 1G04 Hunting and fishing (10 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Pertaining to hunting; Hunting; Hunt; Hunting with hounds; Hunt with hounds; Actions of hounds; Work done by hounds; Hunting/addicted to hunting; Hunter; Hunted; Thing hunted/game; Action of game; Hunting area; Hunting lodge; In hunting season; Hunting time; Snare; Trap/snare; Shooting; Shoot; Shoot game; Shooter; Fowling; Hunt birds; Fowler; Used for fowling; Pertaining to hawking; Hawking; Hawk; Addicted to hawking; Falconer; Quarry; Falconry/hawking equipment; Pertaining to fishing; Fishing; Fish; Catch fish; Addicted to/employed in fishing; Fisher; Fishing-tackle; Spear; Net; Fish-trap; Fishing-line; Attach hook to a line; Float; Weight; Hook; Rod; Reel; Means of attracting fish; Whaling; Hunt whales; Whale-hunter; Whaling equipment; Cutting up whale/seal; Seal-hunting; Hunt seals; Equipment for hunting; Hunting specific animals; Acquisition of animals for food, hunting
  • 1H Textiles and Clothing (2 categories and 106 metaphorical connections)
  • 1I Physical Sensation (15 categories and 385 metaphorical connections)
  • 1J Matter (38 categories and 769 metaphorical connections)
  • 1K Existence and Causation (6 categories and 135 metaphorical connections)
  • 1L Space (7 categories and 527 metaphorical connections)
  • 1M Time (10 categories and 120 metaphorical connections)
  • 1N Movement (10 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1O Action (23 categories and 461 metaphorical connections)
  • 1P Relative Properties (37 categories and 402 metaphorical connections)
  • 1Q The Supernatural (6 categories and 99 metaphorical connections)