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Metaphor Strength:

External World (257 categories and 5257 metaphorical connections)
  • 1A The Earth (28 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1B Life (32 categories and 563 metaphorical connections)
  • 1C Health and Disease (4 categories and 115 metaphorical connections)
  • 1D People (8 categories and 81 metaphorical connections)
  • 1E Animals (20 categories and 410 metaphorical connections)
  • 1F Plants (7 categories and 153 metaphorical connections)
  • 1G Food and Drink (4 categories and 205 metaphorical connections)
  • 1H Textiles and Clothing (2 categories and 106 metaphorical connections)
  • 1I Physical Sensation (15 categories and 385 metaphorical connections)
  • 1J Matter (38 categories and 769 metaphorical connections)
  • 1K Existence and Causation (6 categories and 135 metaphorical connections)
  • 1L Space (7 categories and 527 metaphorical connections)
    • 1L01 Space (15 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Of/pertaining to space; In respect of space; Space
    • 1L02 Distance (17 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Distance/amount of distance; Distant/far off; At a distance; Distance/farness; Distant from; A long way off; Be/remain at a distance; Remain at/remove to a distance; Be far from; Near; Nearness; Near to; Near by; Be near; Be near to
    • 1L03 Size and spatial extent (112 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Extending in space; Extension in space; Extend in space; Extend; Of/pertaining to spread; Pertaining to spread; Spreading/diffusion; Spread/be spread/diffused; Spread; Spread/diffuse (something); Pertaining to expansion/enlargement; In a manner pertaining to expansion; Expansion/enlargement; Expand/enlarge; Reducing in size/extent; To smaller size/extent; Reduction in size/extent; Become reduced in size/extent; Reduce in size/extent; Pertaining to measurable spatial extent; In relation to measurable spatial extent; Measurable spatial extent; Have spatial extent; Have specific dimensions; Large; Large/larger; Largeness; Small; In small manner/on small scale; Smallness; On a small scale; Of/pertaining to length; Longitudinal extent; In longitudinal extent; Extend longitudinally; Short; Shortness; Make short(er); Relating to breadth/width; In/relating to breadth/width; Breadth/width; Become broad/wide; Make broad/wide; Narrow; Narrowly; Lack of breadth/narrowness; Become narrow; Make narrow; Pertaining to thickness; Thickly; Thickness; Become thick; Make thick; Thin; Thinly; Thinness; Become thin(ner); Make thin(ner); Having (specific) vertical extent; Vertical extent; In height; Become high(er); Make high(er); Of small height; Low; Lack of height; Low/level with the ground; Become low(er); Make low(er); Deep; Deeply; Extension downwards/depth; Become deep(er); Make deep(er); Shallow; Shallowness; Become shallow(er); Make shallow; Medium-sized; Medium/moderate size
    • 1L04 Shape (139 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Pertaining to shape; As regards shape; Shape; Have (specific) shape; Assume definite shape/outline; Shape/give shape to; Shapeless; Without shape; Lack of shape; Lose shape; Make shapeless; Mis-shapen; Mis-shapenly; Mis-shapenness; Out of shape; Lose shape/become mis-shapen; Put out of shape; Symmetrical/regular; Symmetrically/regularly; Symmetry/regularity; Be symmetrical; Make symmetrical; Straight; Straightness; Become straight; Make straight; Angular; Angularly; Angularity; Be bent in an angle; Make angular/furnish with angles/corners; Curved/bent; In/into a curve; Curvature; Be/become curved/bent; Curve/bend; Round; In round form/manner; Roundness; Be/become round; Make round; Coiling; In coils/in a coiling manner; Coil; Uncoiling/unwinding; Become uncoiled/unwound; Uncoil; Uncoil/unwind; Curved like three-dimensional shape/body; Cylindrical; In form of cylinder; Cylinder; Form cylinder; Curved surface; Flat/level; Flatly/levelly; Flatness/levelness; On a level surface; Become (more) flat/level; Make flat/level; Smooth; Smoothly; Smoothness; Become smooth; Make smooth; Uneven; Unevenly; Unevenness; Be/become uneven; Make uneven; Projecting/prominent; Projection/prominence; Project/be prominent; Thrust out as a projection; Project from (something); Protuberant; Protuberantly; Protuberance/rounded projection; Be/become protuberant; Make protuberant; Corrugated; Corrugation; Become corrugated; Corrugate; Sharply uneven; Sharp unevenness; Project as sharp prominence; Project sharply from; Recessed/depressed; Condition/fact of receding; Recede/form recess; Form a recess in; Having indented edge; With indented edge; Condition/action of indentation of edge; Become indented at edge; Indent the edge of; Hollow; Hollowly; Hollowness; Become hollow; Make hollow; Tapering; Taperingly; Fact/condition of tapering; Taper; Tapering to a point; In the manner of a point; Condition of tapering to a point; Taper to a point; Make pointed; Flaring; Flaring at extremity; Flare at extremity; Sharp; Sharply; Sharpness of edge/point; Sharpen; Sharpen (a thing); Blunt; Bluntly; Bluntness; Become blunt; Make blunt; Short and thick/broad; Short and thick; Condition of being short and thick/broad; Make short and thick; Long in relation to breadth; Long in relation to breadth; Condition of being long in relation to breadth; Slender; Slenderly; Slenderness; Become slender; Make slender; Linear; Linearly; Linearity; Make linear; Broad in relation to thickness; Condition of being broad in relation to thickness; Broad in relation to thickness; Become broad in relation to thickness; Make broad in relation to thickness; Projection/prominence, rough surface; Curved three-dimensional shape/body, cylinder; Types of curvature; Specific angular shape
    • 1L05 Place and position (46 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Pertaining to place/places; As regards place; Place; Belonging to/localized in a place; In a/the place; Pertaining to position/situation; With respect to position/situation; Position/situation; In (original/proper) position; Be positioned/situated; Take up position; Present; In presence/so as to be present; Presence; In the presence of; Be present; Present oneself; Be present at; Fact of taking up space; Take up (space/a place); Absent; Absence; With absence of (a thing); Be absent; Absent oneself; Be absent from; Unoccupied; Fact of being unoccupied; Be/become unoccupied/empty; Leave unoccupied; Placed in position; Placing/fact of being placed in (a) position; Place/put in a position; Inserted/put in; Into what/which place; Insertion/putting in; Insert/put in; Removed/displaced; In displaced manner; Removal/displacement; Denoting removal/displacement; Become displaced; Remove/displace; Of/pertaining to extraction; Extraction; Extract; Here/there, etc.
    • 1L06 Relative position (142 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Placeable/usable in more than one position; Relative position; Have specific position/arrangement; Cause to have specific position/arrangement; Internal/interior; In/with respect to the interior; Condition of being internal; Within; Be in; Containing/having within; Be contained; Contain/have within; Of/pertaining to/situated in the centre; Centrally; Central condition/position; Find/have a centre; Mark/be the centre of; External; Externally; Condition of being external; Outside of; Be on the outside of; Of/pertaining to/situated at the surface; On the surface; Surface; Along the surface of; Give a specific kind of surface to; Pertaining to/situated at the edge; On/around the edge; Edge/border/margin; Along/about the edge of; On the extreme edge; Lie on the edge; Form the edge of; Of/pertaining to a boundary; By way of a boundary; Boundary; Form continuous boundary; Bound/form boundary of; Surrounding; Around/all around; Surrounding; Round/around; Be surrounded; Surround/lie around; Enclosing; Enclosing/enclosure; Be enclosed; Enclose; Enclosing/confining; Enclosed/confined; Enclose/confine; Covering; In the position of covering; Covering; Covering/so as to cover; Cover; Wrapping; Wrap; Covered with a layer of something; Coating/covering with a layer; Coat/cover with a layer; Layered/arranged in layers; A layer; Be/become layered; Arrange in layers; Uncovered; Without covering; Uncovering; Become uncovered; Uncover/remove covering from; Open/not closed; In(to) the position of being open; Condition of being open/not closed; Become open; Open; Of/pertaining to an aperture; An opening/aperture; Perforated with holes; Have an opening/aperture; Break the continuity of; Making holes/becoming holed; Make (an opening/hole); Becoming closed/shut; So as to be closed/shut; Closed/shut condition; Become closed/shut/admit of being closed/shut; Close/shut; That which/one who closes/shuts; Having (a) barrier(s); A barrier; Interjacent; In an interjacent position; Condition/fact of being interjacent; Between; Be interjacent; Among; Position of being among; High in position; On high/above; High position; High upon; In a high position; Be in high position; Set in high position; Set in a high position; Having position upon something else; In a superincumbent manner/on; Position upon; On/upon; Be upon something; Be upon (something); Overhanging; So as to overhang; Overhang; Situated in a low position; In a low position; Low position; Low down in/on; Be low in position; Put in low position; Support; Supported by; Support oneself; Hanging/suspended; In a hanging manner; Hanging/suspension; Hang/be suspended; Hang/suspend; Without support; Hold up without support; Hold up without support/in equilibrium; Front; In/at (the) front; In front; In front of; At/in (the) front; Be in front of; Positioned at the back/behind; At the back/behind; Position at the back; At the back of/behind; At the back/in the rear; Stand behind; Form the back/background of; Of/pertaining to side; At the side; Quality of having sides/being a side; On the side of; Alongside; Be at the side/adjoin at the side; End; At the end/extremity; End/extremity; From one end to the other; Come to an end; Furnish with a tip; Vertical; Vertically; Vertical position; Vertical/upright; Be vertical; Make vertical; Horizontal; Horizontally; Horizontal position/condition; In a horizontal line/plane; Be placed horizontally; Place in horizontal position; Situated at right angles to something; At right angles to something; Position at right angles to something; At right angles; Set at right angles; Inclined/oblique; Obliquely; Inclination; Obliquely against/across; Incline/be oblique; Converging; Convergingly; State/quality of being convergent; Converge; Converge with; Diverging; Divergingly; Divergence; Diverge; Thrust apart; Transverse; Transversely; Fact/condition of being transverse; Across; Transversely; Lie across/transversely; Lie across; Pertaining to/characterized by intersection; So as to intersect/in the form of a cross; Intersection; In a crossed position; Intersect; Parallel; In a parallel manner; State/position of being parallel; Parallel to; Parallel with the side; Be parallel with; In a line (with); Quality/fact of being in a line (with); In (a) line with; In a continued line; Be/become in a line (with something); Bring into (a) line; Opposite; Opposite position; Be opposite; Be opposite (something); Inverted; Invertedly; Inversion; Invert/turn over; Invert; Folded; In a folded manner; Folding/folded condition; Fold; Intertwining/interweaving; Intertwiningly/interweavingly; Intertwining/interweaving; Intertwine/interweave; Of/pertaining to arrangement; Arrangement/fact of being arranged; Get/fall into arrangement; Arrange; Without arrangement; Absence of arrangement; Out of arrangement; Be without arrangement; Disarrange; Arranged in row(s)/line(s); Arrangement in row(s)/line(s); In row(s)/line(s); Form row(s)/line(s); Arrange in row(s)/line(s); Not separated/dispersed; Gathered together; State of being gathered together; In/into one place/company/mass; Gather together; An assemblage/collection; Scattered; In a scattered manner; State of being scattered/dispersed; Scattered here and there in/on; Scattered; Scatter/be scattered/dispersed; Scatter; Placed in a certain posture; In an uncomposed posture; Posture; Assume/hold a posture; Assume a posture; Place into/assume a posture; Upright/erect; Upright/erect posture; Be in upright/erect position; Assume upright/erect position; Set upright/erect; Relaxed; With body relaxed; Action of placing/holding body in relaxed posture; Place/hold body in relaxed posture; Standing/that stands; In standing posture; Exclamation to encourage child to rise; Action of standing up/rising; Action of rising; Rise/be standing; Rise; Leaning against; Action of leaning on/against something; Lean on/against something; Lean; Lean on/against; Sitting/seated; Sitting; Action/fact of sitting; Sit down; Be sitting/seated; Sit down; Sit; Crouching/squatting; Action of crouching/squatting; Crouch/squat; Kneeling/having bent knees as if kneeling; On knee or knees; Action/act of kneeling; Kneel/assume kneeling posture; Lying/reclining; Action/fact of lying down/reclining; Lie down/recline; Lie down; Bent; In a bent manner; Bend; Stretched; Fully stretched out; Action/fact of stretching body; Stretch oneself/be stretched; Stretch; Stretch out; Drawn into compact form; Act of drawing body into compact form; Draw into compact form; Of the hand: unclench; With one leg on each side; Action/fact of bending; State of being gathered together, assembled; Absence of support; Covering, wrapping, coating with a layer; Edge/border/margin, boundary
    • 1L07 Direction (56 metaphorical connections) Show descriptors Of/pertaining to direction; Direction; In the direction of; In the direction that; Point/lie in a direction; Direct; Specific directions
  • 1M Time (10 categories and 120 metaphorical connections)
  • 1N Movement (10 categories and 363 metaphorical connections)
  • 1O Action (23 categories and 461 metaphorical connections)
  • 1P Relative Properties (37 categories and 402 metaphorical connections)
  • 1Q The Supernatural (6 categories and 99 metaphorical connections)