Please select different ‘types’ and ‘topics’ of metaphor materials to use in the classroom or download all in a single file. Types of materials include exercises for Creative writing, Prose, Poetry, Non-fiction, Introduction to metaphor and Metaphor quizzes (an interactive version of which can be found on this website and in the MetaphorIC app). Topics include Colour, Emotions, Nature, Society, War, Horror and the Supernatural, and Science and Health.

‘Teachers’ versions’ contain notes and suggestions for discussion (in italics), while ‘pupils’ versions’ contain only the exercises. You are welcome to alter and use these materials in any way you would like. We have made them available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license, which means that you are free to adapt and share them for non-commercial purposes.

We have a Metaphor in the Curriculum app, which can be used alongside the materials. This is available for Android and iOS.

Download all materials (Word format, zipped) Download all materials (PDF format, zipped)

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